Water Based Cream

Making a water based cream is difficult to get right. My past attempts at making this type of cream have left lots of water droplets in the overall mixture which meant the cream could get spoilt easily.

I did however realise that using Rose Water or Orange Blossom Water could potentially lessen the chances of the cream getting spoilt. Still it didn’t mean that the process of making the cream would get any easier.  What I didn’t want was there to be any water droplets at all.

Anyway, I’ve done a bit more research and have tried to follow a formula and hope I’m a bit more successful this time.


I’ve decided to use Almond Oil, Mango and Coconut Butter and Beeswax as an emulsifier to allow the oils and water to mix. I’ve also used some boiled water to make up the proportions.


After melting the oils and butter, the trickiest part is getting the temperature of the water and oils right and then mixing them together.

IMAG3882The water needs to be added to the oils very very slowly and the mixture needs to be blended continually. Our new blender decided to give way so I ended up blending the mixture in our old food processor which meant removing the lid every few seconds to pour the water mixture in.


Well after sufficiently blending the mixture, I think I’ve got the right consistency.


The cream feels soft and I haven’t seen any water droplets yet. I’m probably ready to make a bigger batch soon.




Frangipani and Orange Blossom Face Butter

I've been using Neem Cream at bed time on my face for quite a while.  
I thought it was time I made a face butter which smelt a bit more flowery 
and soothing, unlike the Neem Cream which although works wonders, smells
 a bit bitter. Orange Blossom and Frangipani came to mind. 

Shea and Orange Blossom Face Butter 

I’ve created a unique blend of Shea and Mango butter with Sesame, Baobab and Rosehip Oils, Rose Water and Orange Blossom.   You can smell the Orange Blossom straight away but I’ve also used essential oils of Rose and Frangipani to give this butter a truly beautiful fragrance.


Evergreen Frangipani (Plumeria obtusa,L.).

Shea Butter has been recognised for its magical and nourishing powers.  It accelerates cellular renewal and repairs the hydrolipic film, which is a protective film that covers the entire surface of the skin.  It also protects the skin by acting as a barrier, helping to prevent moisture loss.

SHEA measured

Baobab and Rosehip Oils are rich in anti-oxidants and are known to improve skin elasticity and regeneration of skin cells. Sesame Oil is rich in Vitamin E and Zinc.  Zinc helps to produce collagen and gives the skin more elasticity.  

This face butter should really help to protect and nourish dry and dehydrated skin.